Hi, I'm Fiza.

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Currently an Atlanta-based multimedia journalist working as a writer and producer on The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Revenue Content Team, a small but mighty troupe dedicated to driving revenue through search engine optimization, ad-sponsored content, video and multi-market strategies.

So...what do you do?

Media jargon aside, here's what I do during a typical work week:

  • Screen Google search data for real-time trends or topics of interest and pitch stories based on search interest.
  • Analyze real-time analytics on Cox Media Group properties to identify trends in reader interest.
  • Report, write and produce stories specifically optimized for search engines.
  • Report, write and produce local-interest stories for print publication.
  • Report, write and produce stories to fulfill advertising sponsorship goals.
  • Report, write and produce multi-market stories to share across all Cox Media Group properties.
  • Assign and edit stories for freelancers. 
  • Produce 3-4 news videos per week intended for story pages and social media uploads.
  • Attend training sessions — or lead sessions — for new products intended to increase efficiency, promote innovation and boost audience engagement (and, of course, increase revenue).